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De-schooling Autism

People forget the French verbs and Pythagorus they learnt at school. People never forget the chronic social failure and bullying they experienced at school.
7 out of 10 autistic people will experience a mental health problem such as Depression
75% of mental health problems appear before the age of 18 
Paper qualifications alone do not result in 'a good job' - In the UK 50% of non-autistic graduates did not end up in degree-level work in 2013. 
Is 17000 hours of school/university based intervention from the age of 5 achieving the most desirable and sustainable outcome - a mentally healthy personal navigator aged 25
Is following a rigid academic agenda in institutions full of people more a part of the problem than it is part of the solution.
Is it possible to de-school mainstream schools so that they deliver a personalised programme of REAL education for our children or should a parent's energy be invested directly in the child and not used up annoying busy people who are obliged to stay focused on teaching their subject not nurturing our atypical children



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